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Scheduling & Trip Information

We are currently scheduling for Summer and Fall of 2023 in Montana and the western half of North Dakota. Please click the button below to drop us a line and read below for more information on our appointments and rates. We hope to book a few workshops and demos as well, so be on the look out for those!

More Info

Here are some common questions and more information. If you have a question after this, send us an email!

Booking your Appointment

Please head to our About page with our upcoming trips to submit an RSVP form. We will be in touch with forms to complete and to determine a time for our visit shortly! If you don't hear from us in 3 days, please email in case our technology is being problematic!

Appointment Expectations & Preparation

We will ask horses to be decently cleaned (not fresh out of a mud hole..), with picked hooves, blankets removed, fly spray applied if needed, etc. 

We love having a clear area without cross ties to work, with minimal ongoing distractions to maximize the therapeutic effect and ensure all parties safety.  We do not allow food to be consumed during our appointment and ask to not be scheduled during feed times. 

Please do not exercise your horse within 1 hour of our visit and ensure the horse is properly cooled if they were worked prior. 

If you horse is unable to pick up a leg or has behavioral outbursts, please inform us to shape our work. 

Appointments vary per horse but include evaluation, work, report and game plan as well as some  homework training. You can expect an average appointment time of 60 to 90 minutes. 


Post Appointment Care

Please allow an abundance of clean water consumption after our visit, and light movement through pasture or paddock time to allow the body to further process their visit.  The nervous system, including muscle tonicity, joint mobility mechanoreceptors and the bodies sense of proprioception (where it is in space) need time to adjust in addition to the normalization of the autonomic nervous system to be more alert for work compared to the zen rest and digest healing phase it is in. 

It is not advised to ride or heavily work the horse within 48 hours after the visit, and if intending to do so, Intertwined Equine needs to know during the initial evaluation (and will ask.) Our work will change to reflect this, and set the horse and rider up for success. 


Veterinary Care

Sometimes referral, diagnostics, treatment and second opinions are needed. Veterinary medicine helps to inform our work, sift through possibilities and aid in recovery or desired outcomes faster, with less guessing and helps Intertwined Equine to be most successful in helping your horse. Owners do not want therapists guessing, managing the wrong thing, or inadvertently worsening conditions. Please know we may request veterinary collaboration on your case, for you and your horses benefit. 

We will also happily collaborate with your farrier, trainer, saddle fitter or other health/wellness professional. We believe in operating for the horse, and value multiple perspectives to find the best care. 

Appointment Rates

We offer A La Carte offerings, but the best bang for your buck and most common appointment is an all inclusive appointment with a flat rate for all services, done as therapeutically needed. 

Base Rate: $135 per horse, including 40 mile 1 way allowance. 

Minot              5 horse minimum for no mileage fee (or along the way)

Sheridan        9 horse minimum for no mileage fee (or along the way)

Miles City       4 horse minimum for no mileage fee (or along the way)

Glendive        2 horse minimum for no mileage fee (or along the way)

Williston         2 horse minimum for no mileage fee (or along the way)

Watford City   2 horse minimum for no mileage fee (or along the way) 

Sidney            1 horse minimum for no mileage fee (or along the way)

Bozeman        5 horse minimum for no mileage fee (or along the way)

Want to host us? Odds are we have an interested party or two between you and us so always reach out.

To incentivize, we offer a host discount of a $60 visit per 5 horses booked by you. As a host, we would work with you to identify available time slots and ask you to organize the trip as a point of contact for those you book. It's a win win, you help us help more horses and we thank you. 

Evaluation and call out fees are $60 and are included as a portion of the visit rate. If owner decides to proceed with a full visit immediately after the evaluation process and results and has pre-paid for an evaluation, the remaining difference between the evaluation and full visit cost remains. 

Evaluation Process

We ask you to complete a history form that we review pre-arrival. Once there, we do a static review of posture, conformation, musculature (including tone, density, asymmetry and palpable traits). After this, we do a movement evaluation of key performance movements as well as the walk and trot, from the front, side, and behind. 

After the hands off portion is completed, we passively assess the joints of the body and actively asses the tissues for tenderness, spasm and reactivity to inform our work. 

Additional cranial evaluations can occur as well to identify biomechanical imbalances of the upper neck, hyoid and jaw as a unit. 

Travel Costs

Occasionally we will travel by flight, long distance or stay overnight in an area. Flights, mileage and hotel stays are split amongst the group and will be shared at the time of booking. Each stop is credited as part of the appointment rate, but extra may be necessary given the long haul. 


We offer discounts for hosts, workshop/demo attendees, and occasional promotional sales. These are readily shared with those who qualify. Our services are a premium, mobile, niche offering and our rates consequently reflect that. We do aim to provide reasonable options and services to cater to different budgets. Please let us know how we can further assist you via email. 

Cancellation Policy

Sometimes life throws curve balls, and we understand it. Our promise to you is to cancel no less than 48 hours in advance if we can, (albeit road closures, weather or car breakdowns have happened.) 

We do ask to be informed of cancellations within 24 hours on your end, or payment will not be fully refunded. Payments are expected at time of booking. 

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