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Intertwined Equine, LLC

Servicing Montana, North Dakota and beyond with high quality, thorough musculoskeletal therapies for whole horse (and canine) health and wellbeing. 


Our Practice

We are a niche traveling practice within the high plains region of the States. Originally founded from the transformation of Lindsay's elderly mare while at University, the practice expanded to multiple states, a national reputation and many certifications along the way. 

A continual student of the horse, Lindsay is proud to offer her musculoskeletal therapies with a focus on the mind-body connection to unlock the power of mobility for all equines.


 "Involuntary motion is the essence of life."   

–  James S. Jealous DO 

Who We Serve

We strive to assist owners in the pursuit of optimal wellness for their horse, and specialize in innovative approaches and our precise anatomical knowledge and skillset for those struggling to get to the root of the problems they face. Our vast experiences and trainings provide a unique therapeutic approach compared to most bodyworkers.



We offer a variety of hands on modalities including functional osteopathy (we are a student), certified massage, Masterson Method, KT taping, myofascial and trigger point release and more. 

In addition to 1 on 1 appointments, we offer private coaching, consulting, and training opportunities. 

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A.T. Missouri, USA

Lindsay truly inspired me to take in all accounts of the horse. Anatomy, health, type of work, etc. It made me want to deep dive into an anatomy pit and I couldn't be more excited. 
She really instilled a lot of confidence in me
She's an amazing teacher and taught me easier or better ways to do techniques than what I was doing.

K.M. Colorado, USA

Lindsay taught me how to work with some horses that really needed fine tuned listening skills and help them even if things were modified or looked different than a typical checklist of the techniques.

J.S. Wyoming, USA

I will definitely utilize the services again.  My horses are used for pleasure/trail riding and bring me happiness and peace. The least I can do is bring them happiness and peace with Lindsay’s talented hands and her expansive knowledge!  
J.S. Wyoming, USA

Veterinarians are seen as our Partners

Bodywork modalities can be a wonderful compliment to veterinary medicine, but it is not a substitute. We do not practice veterinary medicine and will refer accordingly. Our aim is to partner with health and wellness professionals to complement to ensure complete care as needed. 


Some of the common reasons we partner with veterinarians might include the need for diagnosis, veterinary treatment/management including x-ray, ultrasound, medications and pain management. 

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