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Whole Body Healing 

from Nose to Tail

Masterson Method

Improving relationships between horse and human, while working with restrictions and tension in the body. 

Lindsay has been certified in the Masterson Method as of September 2019, and is part of the educational team as a coach for advanced fieldwork students. 

Lindsay holding a black horses nose while helping the horse to restore motion to the cervical spine.

Massage & Stretching

Lindsay completed the Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage certificate in 2020 to assist her skillsets in soft tissue work including manual massage techniques. 

Hand on red horse wither.

Fascial Release/Scar Release

Tension + Integrity in harmony provide movement!

Fascia is fascinating, and is a relatively new prairie being pioneered in the therapy world. This tissue interconnects the body and is key to movements, but its connective nature can lead to restrictions, immobility, adhesions and re-adheres in injuries. 

Hands on roan horse back with blue sky background.


Lindsay is a student of Osteopathy for Canines and Equines Currently!

Osteopathy's philosophy is based on the principles of the unity of the body, the body's ability to regulate and heal itself, the somatic component of disease, the interrelationship of structure and function, and the use of manipulative treatment in the total care of the patient.

Red horse muzzle.

Saddle and Bit Fitting

Coming Soon!

We are excited to offer professional services so vital whole body wellness!

Cowboy Boots and Stirrups

KT Tape, Red Light, PEMF & more...

A few more tools in the toolbox..

Offering a variety of complementary therapies to add to the hands on work offered. This allows us to curate thoughtful sessions unique to the best course of action forth.

painted horse receiving red light therapy on hind quarters with black KT Tape.

Bodywork Business Mentoring

Send an email with interest as we have a variety of options. 

I am an affiliate of Alternative Balance if interested in business insurance. 


What Happens In a Session?



Palpating, assessing movement and tissue development, as well as isolated movements to create a baseline.



The whole body will be worked with if possible for the animal. Special focus will be spent re-educating movement patterns, relaxing tense tissues and ensuring mobility of joints. 


Follow Up Plan

Homework including exercises, applications, or techniques will be given along with a report of work and any applicable referrals to set you up for success!


We are proud of our affiliation with:

Masterson method logo with horse stride drawn.
running horse emblem with flowers around, logo for Casa Ventosa Rescue.
Logo for photonic health with blue horse overlayed with white dog and yellow human.
Equi Tape logo with blue stripes and text.

The mare that started it all...

Years ago I inherited Cassie who was not lame but also was not quite sound. Additionally she came with baggage, a reputation, and elderly joints. 

In honor of her, we exist. 

Versatile Therapeutics for YOU.

Whatever your adventure, whether driving, breeding, trails, endurance, roping, or performance - Intertwined Equine is thrilled to offer a variety of services to keep your partner moving, well. 

2 horses overlooking mountains in Wyoming

What Our Happy Clients Say:

Lindsay has been nothing short of amazing for our horses. We have a few tricky puzzles and she has been able to really help them out! I love that she looks at the whole picture rather than focusing on the obvious problem. She digs until she finds the root of the issue to really get them better rather than a quick, temporary fix. She has a kind, gentle hand and my horses respond very well to her. Lindsay is always happy answer questions and explain what she thinks is going on and what she is going to do to correct it. We HIGHLY reccomend her for your body healing needs!! - Kate A.


red horse with hand sliding under shoulder of the horse.
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