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Equine Therapy for the Whole Horse

Rehabilitation | Wellness | Performance

PEMF  | KT Tape | Scar Release | Physio Pads | Massage and Myofascial Release | Equine Osteopathy | Masterson Method

What Clients Say:

Lindsay has done wonders for my horses. She’s always calm and patient with them, she pays close attention to how they respond to her work on them, and she’s always willing to answer my questions and explain what she’s doing and WHY. I really appreciate how she can make assessments of what and where the issues are and how she uses her knowledge and skills in various modalities to address those issues. I highly recommend her services. - Nell H.


two horses staring at the camera from a pasture in Wyoming

Lindsay is wonderful at what she does; she truly cares for the whole horse and is very conscientious about what the body is doing.

Lindsay also gives homework for the owner to follow up with or recommends other equine practices from others if she knows something else needs worked on with the equine that she cannot do.

I truly recommend Lindsay and have used her more than a couple of times on multiple horses with positive outcomes.

-Jeannine H.


A horse yawning near a barn.

Lindsay is amazing. she has a gift with animals and it doesn't take them long to open up to her.

You can tell she loves what she does and she is willing to SHARE and teach that knowledge if you want to learn.

she never pushes a horse past where it wants to go, and I've never seen her use a questionable technique or method. I run a 501c3 and we have horses all over the board.

Lindsay loves a challenge, and all my horses feel better, have more energy and pep and are better on the ground and under saddle after she leaves.

She is an absolute god send, and I am so happy to have her working on the horses at Casa Ventosa Rescue in Cheyenne.

- Emma S. 


Lindsay with a horse peeking over her shoulder in the winter in Wyoming

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